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Root Canal Treatment Cost NYC

Posted on November 10, 2017

New York Root Canal Treatment Cost

There are several factors affecting the cost of NYC Root canal treatment. The most common factors are the number of the roots in the tooth, the skills of the NYC root canal dentist and insurance participation. To learn more about Root Canal Treatment cost in NYC read our blog article on this topic.

As mentioned in the root canal treatment service page, anterior teeth typically have one root, premolars have two roots, and molars have three to four roots. When a tooth needs a root canal treatment all roots have to undergo the treatment to stop the infection from spreading.

Both general dentists and root canal specialists can perform root canal treatment. The price of the endodontic treatment may vary between NYC endodontist and general dentist in Manhattan. To make the right decision consider that an initial root canal treatment can only be performed once. If it fails the next step is to retreat the root canal, do an apicoectomy (surgical removal of the infection at the root tip of the tooth, and if all fails extraction. Unfortunately, root canal treatments can fail, and more often on the molars. You can read about that on our NYC Endodontics page.


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